An experienced team of consultants

Members with diverse experience in product development, marketing, overseas expansion, new business creation, corporate management, etc. are gathered.
Of course, there are experiences of failure. We expect it will be useful.

Yukio Adachi

Started his carrier at Toshiba Corporation responsible for printers and PCs design section. He served product planning in PC division and corporate new business development division.
Founded ASV Co., Ltd., which provides tools for creating DVD/Blu-ray content.
He is in charge of technology and business evaluation of hardware and software such as small terminals, including PCs and smartphones, and Web services. He is also in charge of business and management support for domestic and overseas companies, such as support for overseas venture companies entering Japan.
Master of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Tokyo.

Yasushi Honma

Over 25 years career of pharmaceutical industry at Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd. serving as a senior research scientist for Organic Chemistry Research Laboratories, Director of Strategic Research and Development Planning Division, Vice President of Tanabe Research Laboratories USA, and General Manager of Pharmaceuticals Development Research Laboratories. Moved to Fujiyakuhin Co.,Ltd. as Deputy Head of Research and Development Headquarters, then became a technological consultant for corporate investment company of Daiwa Securities Group, and served as Board member/Auditor of Raqualia Pharma Inc. and many biotech startups. His expertise extends from Medicinal Chemistry to Biology, Pharmacology, Toxicology and ADME, and his experience includes technological reviews of over 200 biopharmaceutical companies in Japan and overseas.
Graduated from Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science. PhD of Pharmacy (Hokkaido University). He was a researcher at Department of Chemistry at the University of Geneva in 1984-85.

Masahiko Itoh

In charge of development of nuclear power generation systems, research on new energy technologies, management of new business projects, etc. at Nippon Atomic Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Toshiba Nuclear Power Division. Previously served as Group Manager, New Business Development Division, Toshiba Corporation.
Mainly responsible for a wide range of energy-related technologies and businesses, including renewable energy.
Graduated from Yokohama National University Faculty of Engineering.

Tooru Ishizuka

Engaged in drug discovery research and planning at Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd. He has served as a senior research scientist for Pharmacological Research Laboratories, Manager of Strategic Research and Development Planning Division, Director of Biological Division of Drug Discovery Laboratory, Deputy Director of Drug Discovery Research Institute, Director of Pharmacokinetic Institute, and Deputy Director of Research Headquarter, at Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Ltd. and also as president at Tanabe R & D Service Co., Ltd.
Mainly in charge of technology and business in drug discovery research and pharmaceutical R & D field.
Completed the master's course and Ph.D. of Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University. He was a researcher at Pharmacological Research Laboratory in Tohoku University School of Medicine in 1980-82.

Makoto Fujii

At Toshiba Corporation, he was involved in the development of environmental and nuclear instrumentation systems, company-wide technology management, and coordination of Mitsui Group companies' interdisciplinary research at Mitsui Interbusiness Research Institute. Previously served as Toshiba's System Center, Nuclear Instrumentation Systems Department, Technology Planning Division, Executive Director of Mitsui Interbusiness Research Institute, and Managing Director of Mitsui Interbusiness Human Asset Co.,Ltd.
Mainly in charge of evaluating ICT-related technologies and businesses.
He graduated from the Department of Instrumentation Physics, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, and completed Master's degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

Hiroshi Ishiwata

Started his carrier at Sumitomo Corporation responsible for business development and investment to Stat-up companies in the U.S. including his assignment to Silicon Valley office.
After that, he joined Walden International, a venture capital in Silicon Valley and worked as General Partner investing in High-tech companies in Japan and Asia, especially Spin-off from Japanese large companies as Head of Japan operation.
He has also served as President of ASML Japan, the subsidiary of the world's second largest Semiconductor Equipment manufacturer. He contributes a lot to establish its position and increased market share in Japan.
Mainly in charge of business development and market entry to Japan closely working with overseas companies.
Graduated from the department of Electronics Engineering at Waseda University. And Ph.D. for his study on Management of Technology

Hiroyuki Furukawa

At Toshiba Corporation, engaged in computer product planning from large machines to personal computers. Experienced US Silicon Valley office manager. He has served as President of Digital Data Broadcasting Corporation MediaServe, President of VLI Corporation, and AIST Startup Advisor. He was involved in business development based on new technologies.
Mainly responsible for evaluating ICT-related technologies and businesses. He is also in charge of helping domestic and foreign companies develop the Japanese market.
He graduated from the Department of Mathematical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, at the University of Tokyo, and completed M.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, USA.

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