Commercialization and market development support:We support market development of globally growing companies.

Aiming to establish new businesses that match market trends

The Fledge Technologies consulting team has experienced a wide variety of market developments, from direct sales of systems to companies and government agencies to channel sales of mass-market products for consumers, OEM sales, and marketing in overseas markets.
Leveraging our extensive experience and network, we support domestic and international market development.

For domestic companies
Support new business / market development

We support new companies aiming for business development with new technologies and services.

Support example

1. Customer development support

We identify potential customers for the product or service offering and help to reach those customers through our own network.
We also gather information on the market and reaction from the market and support establishing cooperation and market development.

  • Support for customer development utilizing the sales network
  • PR activities at exhibitions, etc.
  • Consultation on overseas expansion is also available.

2. Funding support

Consultation on third-party allotment is also available.

For domestic companies  Support new business / market development

For overseas companies
Support for entering the Japanese market

We provide consultations on appropriate Japanese companies for local governments and other organizations abroad that wish to invite Japanese companies. In addition, for overseas companies planning to enter Japan, we support the development of the Japanese market.

Support example

Supporting local governments of oversea countries to attract Japanese companies

  1. Advice on what should be publicized to appeal Japanese companies
  2. Selection of companies to visit and appointments taking
  3. Accompany a company visit
  4. Follow-up

Supporting overseas companies which intend to entering Japan to develop the Japanese market

  1. Proposal of a market development approach tailored to the Japanese market
  2. Investigate and propose potential customers
  3. Sales activity support
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