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"Monkeys also care: Evolutionary psychology of work style" by Hidetaka Yamamoto

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Evolutionary psychology is explained with an analogy with business situations. This book combines insights from the author's many years of new business development work and essence from over 50 related books, including evolution, technology evolution, and economics.

Hybrid cars run on two engines, a gasoline engine and an electric motor. Humans are also hybrid cars powered by an engine called genes and an engine called culture created by human society. As a living creature, strategies to defend themselves from danger, get food, find reproductive partners, increase offspring, and survive have evolved over millions of years and are recorded in genetics. This is the gene engine. On the other hand, in our society, it is better for living to operate such a cultural engine that disengages a genetic engine, adheres to rules, learns occupational skills, adapts to the culture of the organization, and develops culture. .

However, even if the clutch of the gene engine, such as appetite and sex, is disengaged, it will be immediately connected. Sometimes the gears of the culture engine, which tells us to do our best for the development of society, and the gene engine, which says, "Think about yourself before doing that" do not mesh. If you understand at least a little about the characteristics of the gene engine that drives it in our minds, you must be able to drive well. We hope that reading this book will give you a deeper understanding of the patterns of our behavior in business situations, especially those involved in new businesses, from the perspective of evolutionary psychology.

"Monkeys also care: Evolutionary psychology of work style" by Hidetaka Yamamoto


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