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Focus on Fledge Technologies activities
Excavation of buried technology and venture companies, and support for company establishment and operation

Dempa Shimbun

The activities of Fledge Technology Inc. (FTI headquarters = Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative H. Yamamoto) of which people from Advanced-I (ADI) Business Headquarters at Toshiba (dissolved in 1999), who have successively launched new businesses, gathered to raise buried technology and to cultivate venture companies, are attracting attention. It is said that the IT recession is likely to slow down IT investment, but in order for Japan to become a true "IT nation", it is necessary to discover hidden technologies and foster a number of ambitious venture companies. FTI has a capital of 185 million yen and is funded by NIF Ventures, leading venture capital firms in the United States, Toshiba and others. It has just started a year since its launch in September. Finally, full-fledged activities are expected.
The company's mission is to provide consulting services to companies seeking to create new businesses, venture capital companies, venture companies, and to discover hidden technologies."We will provide information, knowledge, and wisdom so that new ideas and technologies can be realized as a business” (Yamamoto)."In order to support develop a new technology and establish it as a business, we will provide information, knowledge and know-how."There are various factors are required, such as the field of application of the technology, the method of providing products and services, and the high potential to be accepted by customers. He says, "Based on Toshiba's technology insights and a wealth of experience in trying new businesses, we will build a business model, introduce venture capital that provides funding, and assist in establishing and operating a company."
President Hidetaka Yamamoto has worked for Toshiba's mainframe computer SE and Toshiba America, and has started new businesses such as object-oriented operating systems, mobile devices, and interactive TV systems in the ADI business headquarters. Director Tadatoshi Minamikawa worked for Toshiba Research and Development Center and others, and was involved in new business development projects for flash memory cards, ASICs for mobile devices, LSIs, and IPs at the ADI Division. He has been a technology advisor to NIF Ventures since 1998. Sadao Shirane, who has extensive marketing experience in Toshiba in the TV business and ADI, is also participating.
Currently, the economic environment is severe, but he says, "This year we will work on advice to venture companies, commercializing technologies that are not fully utilized within Toshiba, and supporting start-ups."

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