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Brief Introduction to the Eugrid Products

Eugrid, Inc. is a high-tech company, who has been developing security systems at the age of the cloud computing on Internet through various communication networks such as broadband and wireless networks. It has annpunced recently, a hybrid-type thin client system, TrueOffice, which provides PC environment where users can use PCs quite safely whenever and whereever they are used.

TrueOffice protects information leakage from the companyfs system even if an employee loses or leaves a PC behind while commuting. TrueOffice is just like a thin client system, although usual PCs can be used as terminals in the system instead of thin client terminals. TrueOffice stores the data automatically in the on premise server of the company, or the commercial cloud server which employees are working on and leaves no data on the employeesf PCs, when he or she finishes working. Every employee can download his data from the server when he resumes working and makes use of them on any PC which is installed the TrueOffice's client software, since his data are stored in the on premise server or the cloud server. The client software can run on any PCs with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10, and TrueOffice can work, regardless of mixed Windows versions on PCs in the system.
Thus, system administrators can save lots of money when the company upgrades Windows versions, for example, from XP to 10, since the PC end users will do nothing to keep applications and data in order to resume working smoothly after the OS transitions.
TrueOffice can be a low-priced alternative of thin client systems and/or VDI systems such as Citrix or VMWare products.
TrueOffice is now attracting strong attentions in Japan from the standpoint of BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and/or DR (Disaster Recovery) after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
True Office will be welcome to the security conscious companies also from the standpoints of productivity improvement, usability and cost reduction

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