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1. Corporate Profile

Fledge Technologies, Inc. provides consulting services to start-up companies, banks, venture capital firms, foreign start-up companies extending their businesses in the Japanese market and corporations that plan to create spin-off ventures. The team at Fledge Technologies has an enormous amount of knowledge and experiences in the areas of information systems, electronics technologies and pharmaceutical industries. The team also experienced more than thirty new business development projects and global strategic alliances. Fledge Technologies continue to gather knowledgeable experts who have been working to bring innovation to new markets.

Fledge has recently started to support companies with growth potential. At the present, it is supporting a high-tech IT company, named Eugrid K.K. Eugrid provides network systems based on desktop virtualization concept which protect information leakage from a corporate network systems including cloud environment. One of the systems provides a thin client system using Windows PCs as terminals. Another system makes use of mobile devices such as PCs, smart phones and smart tablets sharing data in the servers without information leakage. When finishing the work with the devices, the systems transfer the data on those devices automatically in their servers, whether public cloud or on premise cloud, leaving no data on the devices. (Eugrid Products)

2. Team

Core Team

Hiroyuki Furukawa
Toru Motokawa
Haruo Nakatsuka
Yoshiaki Uchida
Yasushi Homma
Sadao Shirane
Masahiko Itoh
Masahiko Ono
Tohru Ishizuka
Makoto Fujii
Yukio Adachi

The professional strengths of the core team are as follows:

  • Experience with and working knowledge of information, semiconductor and consumer electronics technologies, product marketing and services, and pharmaceutical research and development.
  • Experience in new business development
  • Experience in working out strategic partnerships between American, Europian and Japanese firms
  • Experience in managing start-up companies and supporting operations affiliated with US and UK companies

Four of the core team members lead the respective product development as chief technology officers at Toshiba and seven of them were executives at Toshiba's ADI business group from 1994 through 1999. They worked intensively to create new businesses at Toshiba, including mobile digital devices, multimedia databases, interactive TV services, mobile communication systems, flash memory cards, media processors and digital broadcasting services. They took the initiative in forming strategic partnerships with and making investments in Silicon Valley companies.

Hiroyuki Furukawa joined Toshiba in 1971. He lead the product planning for evolving computer products -- UNIX systems, workstations and personal computers. He was General Manager of Silicon Valley Operations for Toshiba's ADI group and President of a digital data broadcasting company. He received a Bachelor of Mathematical Engineering degree from the University of Tokyo and a Master of Computer Science from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Toru Motokawa joined Sanwa Bank in 1966. Since then, he was involved in developing several generations of online banking systems and financial information systems. He received a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Tokyo.

Haruo Nakatsuka joined Toshiba in 1966. He was instrumental in many semiconductor development projects at Toshiba. In 1996, he became General Manager of Toshiba's corporate Research and Development Center and later a director of the board of Toshiba Corporation. In 2001, he joined Applied Materials Japan as a senior vice president. He received a Master of Applied Physics degree from the University of Tokyo and was a research fellow at Stanford University(1969-1970).

Yoshiaki Uchida joined Toshiba in 1965. He lead the projects for developing the mainframe computer sysytems and computer peripheral products. In 1996, he joined a management team of MediaServe, Inc. which started the response server business for interactive TV. He joined SmartDisk (Naples, Florida) in 1998 as general manager of Asain operations. He received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Tokyo.

Dr. Yasushi Homma has more than 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. He joined Organic Chemistry Research Laboratory of Tanabe Seiyaku Co. Ltd. in 1969, Tanabe Research Laboratories USA in San Diego in 1996 and worked as General Manager of Tanabe Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Laboratory in 1997. He received a Bachelor of Chemistry from Tokyo University of Science and PhD from Hokkaido University. He was a research fellow at University of Geneva 1984 through 1985.

Sadao Shirane, after 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics market, joined the Toshiba ADI Group for new market development. In 1997, he joined Samsung Japan as a senior executive vice president of the electronic and information products group. He has a Bachelor of Law from Waseda University.

Masahiko Ito started working for Toshiba's Nuclear Research Laboratory in 1971. He joined the ADI group in 1994 for new business project management. He received a Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering from Yokohama National University.

Masahiko Ono joined Toshiba in 1971. He lead many projects developing the LSI's for consumer electronics, automobile electronics and other application areas. He recived a Master of Electronics and Communications Engineering degree from Waseda University.

Dr. Tohru Ishizuka joined Tanabe Seiyaku Co.,Ltd. in 1974. He joined the Drug Development Laboratory and worked as a deputy director of the Research and Development Insititute and the center president of the Business Feasibility Study Institute. He also made R&D as the president of Tanabe R&D Service Co.,Ltd. He received a Master of Veterinary Medicine and PhD both from Hokkaido University.

Makoto Fuji joined Toshiba and worked for the System Center, Nuclear Instrumentation Systems Department at Fuchu Works, and Corporate Technology Planning Division. He has also worked as Executive Director at Mitsui Interbusiness Research Institute and Managing Director at Mitsui Interbusiness Human Asset Co.Ltd. He received a Bachelor of Information Physics degree from the University of Tokyo and a Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Yukio Adachi led the development team of Pen-typed PC and other new technology based products at Toshiba Ome Works. He established a video related technology company, named A.S.V. Inc., to sell Blu-ray Java Production Software. He was also a head of Embedded Business at Tokyo Computer Service Co.,LTD. He received a Bachelor and a Master of Mechanical Engineering degrees both from the University of Tokyo.

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